Trends for 2017 show wellness and foods link to grow


Getting serious about physical fitness is a common New Year’s resolution, but the coming year may help some stay on track, as emerging food and beverage trends point to healthy living




While food trend watchers have predicted spikes in popularity for everything from different fruits, plant-based milk to poke bowls, one thing is clear: Health is king.

“Interest in naturalness and clean label continues to feature strongly,” Lu Ann Williams, director of innovation at Innova Market Insights, said recently, as the market research firm announced its Top Ten Trends List for 2017.

The focus on wellness in has been a running theme in consumer food trends in recent years, Williams added.

For starters, consumers actually want to eat their veggies now. With the practice of adopting cleaner lifestyles going mainstream, vegetables, fruits and other fresh produce are becoming more important to health-conscious consumers.

Source: cnbc

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