WORK FOR Talk Dine

Are you looking for a new challenge?

Talk Dine is a startup filled with enthusiastic, young and eager individuals. We believe in being quick on our feet, harbouring grand visions of our community of food lovers and working with the best and brightest that come our way. At Talk Dine you get the best of working at a startup under the guidance of people who have worked with Fortune 500 Consulting firms. And we are proud of having them in Talk Dine. We believe in introspection and thus urge you to answer a few questions before you read our benefits.

  • Is food on your mind all the time?
  • Do you believe you can use technology to change the way information is shown?
  • Does passing out at 3 am sound familiar?
  • Do you like to work hard? And party harder?
  • Is the idea of challenging the boss at Age of Empires 2/Counter Strike thrilling?

If your answer is YES, then write an email to We will explore opportunity to work with you.

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